How to use this handbook

The Ruils Recruitment Handbook is designed to walk you through the processes of recruiting an employee and being a good employer. It provides advice and guidance around managing a PA and ending employment should the need ever arise.

For each part of the recruitment process you will be given all the relevant information you will need, including simple to follow flowcharts, checklists to ensure you have what you need, examples and templates to use.

Documents for you to download

At the bottom of each page look out for the 'Documents for you to download' header. We have tried to provide you with all the useful examples and templates you will need to complete the employment process and also to maintain the employers role.

If there is a PDF icon like this PDF  it means the document next to it can be downloaded. Click on the title of the document and this will open the document. If you want to save it to your computer then click on the 'File' button in the top left corner and choose 'Save as'.

Further information and useful links

Also found at the bottom of each page is 'Further information' and 'Useful links'. Here you will find links to other pages that can give you more information on the topic you are reading about, including:

  • Links to other websites
  • Contact details of organisations for you to talk to
  • Other services

Managing Your Documents

In order to make this website as useful to you as possible, we have made it so that you can create your own printable Recruitment Handbook. Each of the pages you see here can be saved.

At the top of each of the pages you have been viewing there is a red box. Within this box is a button that looks like this:

Include in Handbook

By clicking this button you are automatically including the page you are looking at into your Recruitment Handbook. Similarly if you have already included the page into your handbook the button will read:

Remove from Handbook

If you click this button it will automatically take the page out of your handbook.

When you want to print your Recruitment Handbook, go to the 'Manage your documents' section which is also found within the red box at the top of each page . From here you can add and delete pages from your Recruitment Handbook as suits your information needs and print out your personalised version.

You can download our step by step process by clicking on the link below:

PDF Create-your-own-Recruitment-Handbook.pdf

Create your own Employment Contract online

We are proud to be able to provide you with the opportunity to build your own employment contract online. We provide you with the contract clauses and you choose the ones that suit you. The contract building tool allows you to input your own information such as pay rates, employee names etc. while ensuring you include the necessary legal clauses.

You can update the document as often as you like, download to your computer and print it out. For further information go to the 'Employing a PA' section of this website.


Where possible we have put in flowcharts to make it easier to see the steps necessary for each part of the process. When you see a flow chart you can click on the information in each of the boxes to take you directly to the information you are looking for.