Our Partners

Ruils works in partnership with other organisations to bring you find-a-pa in various parts of the UK. Our partners are generally funded by the Local Authority to provide a PA matching service for eligible clients, so prospective employers looking to find a PA do not have to pay to register. If you are a Direct Payment client in Kingston, Haringey or Richmond you can contact the organisation to get free access. In other areas, or if you are a self funder, you can use your own funds or Direct Payment funds to register. PAs register free in all areas.

Our Charges

Employers in the areas listed below pay a small charge depending on length of time registered, which can be extended if required. For example, if you pay to register for one month and you have not found a suitable PA, you can simply pay for an extra month. Or you may wish to take advantage of our 3 month deal or the best value annual membership so that you can dip in and out of the service as required. You never know when you might need a replacement PA at short notice. 

Current charges for employers are as follows:

One month - £15

Three months - £30 (one month free) 

Annual membership - £60 (best value)

If your membership has expired and you want to reactivate it, your details remain on the site for you to amend as required. If you want to leave us at any time, simply email us and we will delete all your personal details.

Areas where membership is charged as above:



Richmond for self funders

Haringey for self funders