Staff Handbook

What is the Staff Handbook?

The purpose of the Staff Handbook is to provide details to a Personal Assistant that is both of a contractual nature, required by law, and useful to help them in their job.

Employees will need to be given further details regarding their employment because you will not be able to put all the procedures and policies into your statement of main terms and conditions of employment.

The information pack should be given to all employees on commencement of their employment and discussed with them on their induction.

What does the Staff Handbook contain?

The Staff Handbook contains individual documents such as the Job Description and House Rules. The documents contained within the pack may need to be changed from time to time depending on changes to the job role.

Below is a list of the documents we recommend you include within the Staff Handbook. You can put all the information into the pack, some of it, or add to it using your own documents. (You can click on any of the titles above to go the page that contains the relevant information and examples for you to download.)

Your Staff Handbook to download

Below is an Staff Handbook full of templates for you to fill in and personalise with your details and the details of your PA.

Don't forget you can add anything to this Handbook that you feel is relevant and important for your Personal Assistant to know such as a list of medicines, important emergency contact details etc.


Further information and Advice

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